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Shanghai Hotels Guide to Shanghai City’s Accommodation

Shanghai is a favourite tourist destination in China as a well known international metropolis. As one of China’s main cities, one with fantastic surrounds, bright lights and continuous entertainment, it is no wonder Shanghai’s tourism is fast increasing.

Even with its grandly modernized city centre, Shanghai remains an important multicultural hub where many expats choose to live and where many visitors choose to stay.

When deciding on a place to stay while touring the expanse of the city, there are a few things that come into play that will effect your decision. The first thing to establish is what time of year you are intending on traveling in as during the peak season not only will hotel prices increase, they will fill up fast and you may struggle to find vacancies. Secondly you need to choose whether you want to situate yourselves right in the midst of the bustling city or whether the outskirts are where you’d like to base yourselves.

Once you are able to answer these questions it is all about your budget. Whether you are wanting to travel on a tight budget or travel in luxury, there are plenty of choices of hotels for any price range. It is important however to keep in mind that hotels will often quote prices exclusive of tax. This tax can often be up around 15% so is worth asking about before confirming your stay.

Public transport is another important thing to consider as if you are too far out of the city you might find it challenging traveling around if you do not join with tour groups. Though that being said, Shanghai has a particularly good public transport service.

For budget holiday makers, the best places to start looking are the Shanghai Vienna International Hotel in Happy Valley and Motel 268 on Si’nan Road. Both of these places offer reasonable rooms for a very cheap rate.

Going up a notch, and if you are after something a bit more comfortable, two of Shanghai’s mid range hotels can be found in the Caohhejing Development Zone. They are the well branded Best Western Shanghai Ruite HotelBest Western Shanghai Ruite Hotel and the Eastern Garden Serviced Apartments.

Not forgetting those with money to burn, there are the more expensive hotels which will blow you away. You definitely get what you pay for in Shanghai and hotels are no exception. You will likely get large rooms with all the amenities attached and service to boot. The Grand Mercure Shanghai ZhongyaThe Grand Mercure Shanghai Zhongya is one of the best with a great location right in the centre of the busy business district and in close quarters to the railway station and metro. Another example is the Ocean Hotel located beside the Huangpu River.