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Shanghai Shopping Guide to Nanjing Road Other Shanghai Shopping Spots

Very few venture to Shanghai without the intention of spending at least a day shopping. The bustling city has earned a reputation for its ‘four roads and four cities’ of shopping appropriately nicknamed the “Oriental Paris”.

One of the more well known shopping roads is also China’s reputed number one commercial street, Nanjing Road. Nanjing Road offers shoppers a large range of stores from the old shops to the brand new malls. Once visitors get a feel for the Shanghai shopping scene here, they often head out in search of good discounted stores and often end up on North Sichuan Road. This is where ‘normal’ people shop and can find inexpensive goods.

On the other end there is Huaihai Road which is where people venture to either window shop amongst the elegance or spend up large. Huaihai Road is where you will find the high end international designer brands, however if you are after branded goods without the huge price tag, the Parkson Shopping Centre is the place to find.

Apart from these roads, there are the ‘four cities’ which include the Yuyuan Shopping City, the Xujiahui Shopping City, the Jiali Sleepless City and the New Shanghai Shopping City. The more expensive stores can be found in Xujiahui while the best amenities can be found in the New Shanghai Shopping City.

One of Shanghai’s shopping specialties is tailor made clothing. It is relatively cheap to get clothes tailored specifically to you here and you will no doubt be pleased you did. Branded goods and electronics are the other big sellers for foreigners.

The shopping in Shanghai has become such a well known activity that it has become an almost indispensable part of the tourism industry. Most can spend well over a day in any one of the shopping spots the vibrant city has to offer so make sure you allocate enough time to explore its gems.