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Shanghai China Guide to Shanghai Tourism Attractions

Well known for its rapid economic expansion, Shanghai has set the bar for its rise as an international metropolis. The city has undergone significant modernisation introducing copious skyscrapers, fashionable malls and flash hotels, all of which stand side by side with the old colonial buildings providing a good representation of the intertwined culture of Shanghai. With the traditional Chinese traditions as a foundation, western customs have seeped into the overall culture of the city making it a dynamic city to say the least.

As the city itself evolves, tourism has gained increasing attention internationally as it becomes one of Asia’s top holiday destinations. With the help of the 2010 Shanghai Expo, and foreigners looking for new and exciting places to journey to, Shanghai has reaped the benefits of this new fascination of holidaying in Asia.

The skyline sports numerous towering skyscrapers, thousands in fact, putting it ahead of the skyscraper renowned New York. However unlike New York and most other Chinese cities, Shanghai isn’t your typical tourist city with a lack of traditional tourist sites. In fact, the best Shanghai holidays include wondering the streets, people watching at the river front while getting great views of the neon lit skyline.

The best way to experience Shanghai is to travel at your own pace. Head through “Old Shanghai”, in the most part enveloping Pu Xi, where you can enjoy the more colonial aspect of Shanghai with the famous Bund and colonial architecture before strolling into the “New Shanghai” around Pu Dong to experience the contemporary side of the city with its modern architecture like that of the Oriental Pearl TV Tower.

The best sights lie to the Huangpu River’s west with the Bund being a main attraction. After wondering the west side of the river, the east will provide a completely different experience with the Pearl Tower in all its glory. If shopping is on your list, Nanjing Lu is one of the best, located in the central city where you can also find the Shanghai Museum (well worth a visit) and several art galleries.

After a long day sightseeing, take time out to enjoy the unique and quality cuisine under the roof of one of the numerous high class restaurants in the city.

For a quick run down of some of the top places to see and visit, following is a brief top 5 things to do list for Shanghai:

The Bund

Not very original, however an absolute must. Follow the crowds of wondering locals and tourists down the riverfront boardwalk, watching the people go by while getting a great view of the skyline across the river.

The magnetic levitation train

This is hard to miss as it is by far the fastest way of getting into the city from the airport. The train, although a great mode of transport, is also a great highlight of Shanghai, speeding at up to 430km/hr into the gleaming metropolis.

Soup Dumplings

Confused? Actually these delicate port filled dumplings will no doubt join your most joyous culinary experiences in China, though it is important to pick your dumpling supplier carefully. Surprisingly, the best dumplings are often found in malls through the Din Tai Fung restaurant chain that are in fact Taiwanese! But you do what you have to do for the best. Once you have tasted the best dumplings, you will not go back.

Something to bring home

Shopping for that perfect memento of your travels can be challenging, but perhaps something new isn’t what you are after, try to spread your wings from the obvious and over iconised souvenirs and hit up the antique shots of Dongtai Road in search of that something special. From art deco pieces to memorabilia, statues to teapots, you will surely find something to represent your time here.


As a last touch and an addition of a cultural element to your visit, stop in at ShanghART, a contemporary gallery on Moganshan Road. The artwork here is some of the best and the biggest money earners. The art is renowned internationally and often makes big bucks at the world wide auctions, and perhaps rightly so with some of China’s top artists having studios here with the likes of Zhou Tiehai.