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Shantou, China – Guide to Shantou City, Attractions Climate

Shantou has transformed from a fishing village to a modern economic centre of eastern Guangdong. The province does not attract many tourists especially in the rural areas that surround Shantou though has a few attractions to keep those that do venture in occupied for a day or two.

There is the Palace Temple of Old Mother, in remembrance of the goddess of Matsu, and the now restored Tianhou Gong Temple with its fantastic carvings. However one of Shantou’s best attractions is Nan’ao Island judged the most beautiful of Guangdong’s islands. With sandy beaches, stunning mountain scenery, flourishing wildlife and historic temples, Nan’ao Island is a great holiday destination. Qing Ao Bay is one of Guangdong’s most well known beaches untainted by pollution with its fine, soft sand, a definite must for your itinerary. The Island also holds many cultural relics and historical areas for those wanting a cultural flair in their travels.

Getting into Shantou can be done domestically through Shantou Waisha Airport which links the province with China’s major cities. The best time to visit Shantou is from April to October as the climate is pleasant, though is rather pleasant year round. Highs reach over 30°C while lows are barely cold at around 10°C. The one thing to be wary of is the monsoon rains which arise during April to September.