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Shenyang Flights – Guide to Cheap Shenyang Flights Airport

Shenyang Flights

Shenyang’s main airport, Shenyang Taoxian International Airport, lies approximately 20 30km south of the centre city. Heading to Shenyang is therefore not a difficult task with the airport so close, however it hasn’t established the widest of international links meaning those flying in from many European countries will have a few stopovers along the way.

Currently Shenyang’s international airport reaches a fair few places such as Russia, America and Australia though direct flights from the UK have yet to be developed. For flights from the UK to Shenyang, the best airlines to research are China Southern and Air China as they have the cheapest deals, while American Airlines and Korean Air, while also servicing this route indirectly, are rather pricy.

The best way to ensure you are getting the best deal is to check prices at your local travel agent then go online to one of the popular comparison websites. This means logging in at Kayak, Expedia, Flight Comparison, Skyscanner or Cheap Flights. Alternatively you can flick through the newspaper looking for current deals and/or join up to travel agent newsletters which will occasionally have specials on that can beat those found on the net.

Once in Shenyang, you will arrive in a very modernised airport constructed in architectural elegance. From here you can either stay at the hotel airport if travelling further a field or arrive late at night. Within walking distance from the terminal is the Laideng Hotel which encompasses a three star hotel, restaurants, a beauty salon and fitness centre.

If you wish to travel straight into the city, there are several transportation options. You can either take a shuttle bus which will take you downtown for a very reasonable fee, also busses and trains also venture city bound and do not charge exuberant fees. Alternatively you can take a taxi which has a much higher fee, but will take you right to your destination. Also if you are game for driving and prefer to hire a car, you can use the speedway which connects the airport with Shenyang City.

So entering Shenyang can be done with relative ease so long as you don’t mind a broken up flight with one or two stopovers and have organised your accommodation prior to travelling.