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Shenyang, China – Top 5 Things To Do in Shenyang

Shenyang is the largest of the cities in northeast China with a population of more than 7 million. As the capital of the Liaoning province, Shenyang has many tourist attractions flocked between its somewhat characterless streets though most of which are not nearly as entertaining as you would like to believe. However just a short hours flight from the major metropolitan city of Beijing, it can be a great escape from the bright lights of the mega metropolitan cities.

Following is our top 5 things to do in Shenyang to help you fill in your itinerary:

1. Imperial Palace

The Imperial Palace was built in 1625 to imitate the famous Forbidden City. It is almost as large as the original and Shenyang’s most prized historical sight featuring 300 rooms.

2. North and East Tombs

The North Tomb is one of China’s largest and well preserved mausoleums housing Abahai’s tomb. The East Tomb found on Mt Tianzhu rising three stories high has an astonishing 108 steps presented before its entry. These 108 steps are significant to both the Chinese and to Buddhists as they not only represent the 72 stars of hell and 36 stars of heaven, they also reflect the 108 beads upon the rosaries of the Buddhists.

3. Mukden Palace

The Mukden Palace used to be the Imperial Palace of the Qing Dynasty until it was transformed into a Palace Museum in 1955. It has since been made a UNESCO site. Make sure you spot the Dazheng Hall, the oldest building in the complex.

4. Qipan Mountain

The Qipan Mountain makes up Shenyan’s largest scenic area with beautiful flora and fauna. The Fairy Cave at the foot of the mountain is an additional attraction. From an eroded limestone cave to its current use as an adventure cave, it is well worth visiting when you are sightseeing the mountain.

5. Meteorite Mountain Park

In southeast Shenyan is the world’s largest meteorite and also the oldest. The meteor fell around 1.9million years ago to planet Earth and stands at 160m in length weighing approximately 2million tonnes.

To visit these Shenyang attractions you should keep in mind the climate. Shenyang’s summer is at its peak in July and August, pushing up to the thirties, while winter is at its coldest in January and February. Although peak season for most cities is summer and its surrounding months, Shenyang is interestingly a more popular place in the winter with the International Ice and Snow Festival celebrated just outside the city and a great place to go to enjoy the cold climate.