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A Guide to Yunnan’s Stone Forest – A Guide to Your Stone Forest Trip

The Stone Forest

Just three hours from Kunming is one of Yunning’s most important attractions, The Stone Forest. Considered to be a natural wonder of China, the ‘forest’ gets its name from its petrified look. The Stone Forest is Yunnans most visited tourist site and a must for your Yunnan trip.

With its limestone, static pillars towering up amongst the occasional green tree providing a labyrinth of densely packed formations. Make sure you spot the twisted shaped fossils reminiscent of past times when the Stone Forest formations were completely submerged underwater.

Find your way around the winding paths looking out for the many ponds and seeking out the many scenic spots perfect for a sit down or picnic. One of the interesting things to do while wondering around the different forests is to look out for the stones that have been personified. A guide would definitely come in handy to spot these, however if you have an active imagination, personifying the rocks may be a fun experience. One in particular is a rock that represents an impatient wife waiting for her husband to return.

Look out for the path to Wangfeng Ting. This is the central viewing peak with magnificent views over the Stone Forest. This pavilion gives a grand perspective and an ideal place to take some photos.

Many visitors take an organised tour to see this set of karst formations, though you can manage your trip yourself if you have the patience. It is about 85km away from Kunming and most bus tours leave from this point.

For more information on the Stone Forest in Yunnan, check out their website at Chinastoneforest.