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Tianjin Climate | Online guide to the climate in Tianjin

Tianjin Climate

With four distinctive seasons, Tianjin’s climate is influenced largely by the Bohai Sea with a continental monsoon climate. This means summers are hot, often reaching the 30’s in June and July. On the contrary, winter can see temperatures plummet to as low as 9.

The best time of year to travel through Tianjin is during spring when the climate is pleasant. While you can still have a great time travelling in summer, it is important to remember that although it is very hot, it also often rains. So even when travelling in summer it is strongly advised to bring a raincoat as well as warm clothes for the evenings as the temperatures often drop with the sun.

Other climate conditions include the occasional sandstorms and heavy periods of rain. With its rather extreme climate, Tianjin can be hard to predict so bring clothes for all seasons.