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Tibet Accommodation A Guide to Cheap Hotels to Luxurious Resorts in Tibet

Tibet Accommodation

For centuries Tibet has been a mysterious Buddhist empire locked away from the rest of the world. Surrounded by the mountain fortress of the Himalaya it holds a type of curiosity with foreigners.

The doors to this Land of Snows was finally opened in the 1980's as accessibility was increased to allow travellers in to experience the unique culture of the Tibetan people. Tibet has fast become one of the most intriguing destinations in Asia with continuing increases in tourist numbers.

There are over ten counties in Tibet therefore before you start looking into hotels you will need to decide whether you will base yourselves in one spot and travel from there, or travel to different places over your stay therefore needing to find a few hotels to stay at during your journey.

Once you have decided on your itinerary you can then start to look at particular areas to find the best Tibet hotel to suit your needs.

The most popular place to stay in Tibet is its capital, Lhasa, where you can choose from cheap hotels to the grandest hotels. For a cheap stay, the Tibet Kailash Hotel is a genuine surprise as for its price it is a very comfortable stay with spacious rooms, in a great location with good food on offer. For a more pricy experience, the Four Points by Sheraton Lhasa is highly recommended again with a great location, excellent staff and decent rooms without over the top pricing. From here you can explore the famous Potala Palace the Jokhang Temple and Barkhor Street.

The second most popular place to stay in Tibet is Shigatse, the second largest city located in southern Tibet. Even though some parts of this region are still remote and under development, because of the vast cultural relics and the beauty of the place, more and more visitors head here every year. Because of its increase in tourist numbers, hotels have popped up mainly around the centre of Shigatse. For a helping hand in beginning your search, have a look into the Hilton Garden Inn as one of Shigatse’s finest hotels. It is largely recommended for its comfortable living and welcoming staff. Although it is not what most westerners consider luxurious, it is the closest to it in the area. Another great option is the Shigatse Hotel. Apart from the lack of internet access, this hotel has everything a traveler needs to have a comfortable stay.

With more of a tourist industry, Tibet is continuing to develop and add to its accommodation facilities to cope with the growing industry.