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Water Curtain Thousand Buddha Caves – The Grottos of Luomen, Gansu

Water Curtain Thousand Buddha Caves

Luomen, a town of Gansu, is not a popular destination for tourists except when heading to the Water Curtain Thousand Buddha Caves. While the town itself is a rather rural and quiet place, it does cater for those using it as a base for their trip out to the Water Curtain Grottos which is a mere 10minute drive from the centre of Luomen.

When you are ready to head to the Water Curtain Thousand Buddha Caves, it is a short 17km journey out of the local township. You will find that the taxi drivers of Luomen double as tour guides to your trip. The road out to the site which used to follow a dried up river bed, has now been improved and runs parallel to the old track.

The caves themselves are extraordinary with cliffs surrounding spectacular figures. There is the cross legged Sakyamuni which towers a mighty 31m high upon a throne of various flora and fauna. There are other hidden gems within the cliffs with sandstone domes penetrating the canyon walls.

The site is also home to temples that lie within the sandstone walls. Beautiful scenery envelopes the area which will leave you mesmerised.

Getting to the Water Curtain Thousand Buddha Caves can be done by flying into the airport at Lanzhou and finding public transport to Luomen.