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Weihai, China – Guide to Weihai Hotels, Climate Attractions


As another port city of the Shandong Province, Weihai (originally Weihaiwei) has a lengthy seashore bordering its rather hilly terrain. While in the past it was deemed unproductive under British rule, it is now an active commercial port and popular fishing village.

Tourism isn’t a main priority in Weihai with only a few mentionable attractions. Although mainly an uneven mound of earth, Liugong Island off Weihai Bay also has an extensive beach that runs along the south of the island. The island’s Expo Park is also an interesting visit featuring cultural relics and historical information.

Weihai is well known for the Sino Japanese War military defeat when Japan began its war against China. Liugong Island continues to be a reminder and memorial of the battle. The museum encompasses many artefacts from the war with an extensive history for locals and tourists alike to experience.

To make the most of these few Weihai attractions, the climate in summer provides a prime climate. Whilst it doesn’t become too hot during summer, winters barely reach the negatives. All in all, the climate is rather moderate and fine for visiting year round.

To help you choose a Weihai hotel, below is a compiled list of hotels to help you start your hotel search:


Causeway Bay Hotel


Seaview Apartment Hotel
Haiyue Jianguo Hotel

Moderately Expensive

Golden Bay Hotel