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West Lake, Hangzhou – Guide to China’s West Lake

West Lake

Known as a main scenic spot of China, West Lake is a prominent feature of Hangzhou, Zhejiang’s capital. Located within the capital’s heart, the lake was formally part of the Qiantang River until the earth from two bordering mountains merged to form the lake’s current shoal heads. The lake comprises of five different sections from the Outer to the Inner Lake, Yuehu, West Inner and the Lesser South.

Often considered as a grand scale Chinese garden, the West Lake has been a favourite water attraction for a hundreds of years. Surrounded by wonderful forests and foliage, the lake’s panorama is a treat year round. From the spring time blossoms to the freshness of winter, it is a great attraction for any time of year.

Rolling hills covered in brilliant forests with willows hanging over the lake’s paths provide a perfect outing for everyone. Its circumference is approximately 15km making it a great walking destination, or for those keen to explore more thoroughly you can hire a private boat and head across the lake in the afternoon sun.

Head out to the manmade Island of Little Oceans which encloses four more small lakes worth exploring. Back on the lakeside, wonder the paths to find the Ling Yin Temple and the Huagang Garden where you can enjoy the glistening goldfish ponds while being surrounded by peaceful trees. Take the time to admire the lake from a new perspective upon the Bridge to Quyuan Garden. Lotus flowers are often a major delight in the gardens beyond the bridge.

All in all there are five lakes, three islands and one hill to keep you occupied on your West Lake trip.