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Wuwei, Gansu Guide to Wuwei’s Attractions, Location Hotels


Wuwei in its past was an important military base, far from its present day state. The city is found in central Gansu along the famous Silk Road and is a notably quiet and pleasant town. There is a distinct combination of new buildings in amongst the considerable amount of remains of what was the old Wuwei, making the place an interesting place both historically and culturally.

One of the first things you will notice when you arrive in Wuwei is the famed horse symbolised all over the city. It is the Han dynasty Flying Horse that was discovered here in the late 1960’s, now housed at the Lanzhou Museum. If you don’t get a chance to visit the original in the museum you will no doubt see its replicas and symbols all around Wuwei.

There are several attractions that will possess you to travel to this pleasant area including temples, tombs, grottoes and museums. The most noted temples in Wuwei are the Confucian Temple and the Haizang Temple. The Confucian Temple, known to the Chinese as Wenmiao, is a dedication to the great Confucius himself, a temple which is both the largest and the most well preserved in the whole of the Gansu region. The Haizang Temple on the other hand is dedicated to Tibetan Buddhism constructed in the Jin Dynasty making it around 1,700 years old. Throughout the years it has been expanded with its grounds made into a park making it a beautiful site just to look at. You can visit the temple easily as it sits just 2km from Wuwei city.

Another attraction to put on your list is the Leitai Han Tombs at Leitai Park. The tomb encompasses three brick chambers housing a great bronze galloping horse well worth visiting for the artistic value. Tiantishan Grotto, also known as the Big Buddha Temple is another place to consider which you can visit when heading south of the city. If you have some spare time the Xixia Museum is a good fill in, often visited in conjunction with the Confucian temple as it is nearby. The museum is home to copious cultural relics from the Xixia Kingdom which reined from 1038 1277. The most notable exhibitions is the Xixia Stone Tablet which is engraved with Xixia and Chinese scripture.

Finding accommodation in Wuwei can be tricky as supply is rather low. If you are travelling on a budget the best place to start is Ya Ou as it is located very close to the bus station and provides dorms and rooms though is known to turn away some foreigners but is worth trying. Huafeng Hotel on Buxing Shengyi Street is another place to check out for those on a budget while those with a bit more money to spend can try the Tianma Hotel or the Liangzhou Hotel.