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Wuzhou | Online travel guide to Wuzhou


Wuzhou is found in southern China on the north bank of the Xi Jiang River. It is an area dominated by hills and mountains which make up at least 80% of its landscape. The copious mountains give rise to many rivers which weave through the city giving Wuzhou the nickname ‘Water City’.

You are likely to encounter several colonial buildings within the city as well as the ever dominating skyscrapers that line the river edges. Previously Wuzhou was a political and military centre of the surrounding areas encompassing Guangdong and Guangxi during the Ming Dynasty. It is now more of a tourist city, attracting visitors to the mountainous scenery and local culture. The city has some very unique attractions which prove popular to those who visit.

China’s largest snake repository is settled here where hundreds of thousands of snakes are bred and used to cope with the demand of restaurants and traditional medicine suppliers. Many believe that snakes provide a remedy to help arthritis and skin conditions. If you don’t have a problem with snakes, you can visit the repository which is at its best in summer. Though you can visit in winter, during this time of year the snakes are usually considered less lively and therefore less entertaining. However this may be perfect for those with sensitive stomachs!

Other attractions found in Wuzhou include the largest man made gem production base in the world, the largest football field in China, as well as some of Asia’s largest breeding bases. Most enjoy the diverse culture of folk dancing and the culture of Long Mu.

When planning your trip, most prefer to travel during the mid seasons of spring and autumn as summer can get particularly hot around July while winter takes a strong hold in January. If you are into the cultural festivals of China, visiting during May will allow you to see the celebrations of Long Mu’s birthday which includes activities and festivities. This takes place on May 8th and is well worth seeing while you are visiting.

Try the street markets while enjoying the walks around Sun Yatsen Park or take in the culture of Long Mu Temple or Baiyun Temple.

Finding a hotel in Wuzhou isn’t difficult, try starting your research with these:

Manzhouli Grand Hotel – 9 Zhongsu Street

Jinyuan Hotel – 3 Third Xinxing Road