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Yunnan Accommodation Guide to Yunnan Hotels from Cheap to Luxurious

Yunnan Hotels

Yunnan is a Chinese showpiece with many natural wonders from mountains to tropical rainforests, making it a popular tourist destination.

Yunnan is made up of three main areas; Kunming, Lijiang and Dali, so the first thing you will need to do is decide which area you want to base yourselves in. From this base you can explore the whole of Yunnan. The second thing you will need to consider is the time of year you want to travel as there are some peak times where finding accommodation can be its hardest such as around the Chinese New Year and Spring Festival. If you do intend to travel at these times it is well worth booking well in advance.

Once you know what area of Yunnan you want to stay in, the dates you wish to travel and your budget, you can go on to look for a Yunnan hotel. We have organised this guide to give you somewhere to start your research into finding the best hotel to suit you and your stay.

In this guide we look at Kunming hotels as this area has the most hotels to choose from out of the three areas, likely something to do with its popularity as the City of Spring with one of China’s best climates.

Luxurious Hotel

The Brilliant Resort Spa is by far the most luxurious stay in Kunming, if not the whole of Yunnan. It is a resort which encompasses everything from dining options, entertainment to health and beauty. There is a yoga hall, a spa chamber and a steam room to help you relax while it has all the extras to make your stay one of complete luxury. This hotel combines oriental culture with eastern Buddhist specialties and western leisure along with a world class spa, all with spectacular views. However the price certainly reflects all the additional facilities, though for those not worried about money of those wanting an extra special stay, this place will definitely keep you happy.

Mid Range Hotel

The Grand Park Hotel is an elegant hotel well equipped with a gym, swimming and whirlpool, restaurants to choose from as well as a bar and tea lounge. What impresses most people is its glorious Grand Ballroom, so if you are planning a function, this is a marvelous place to stay while it well suits those holidaying to enjoy the amazing attractions Yunnan has to offer.

Budget Hotel

The Royal Garden Hotel is extremely handy to the airport so if you have a late arrival or early departure it is a fantastic place to be so you won’t have to travel far. The hotel has several restaurants serving different cuisines, a swimming pool and sauna as well as appropriate access for disabled customers.

One last tip to remember is that many hotels will quote you a price exclusive of taxes so make sure you ask them for the final total including any extra costs.