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Zunyi, China – Guide to Zunyi Attractions, Tourism Hotels


Zunyi is a North Guizhou city that is largely overlooked by tourists. And perhaps rightly so, with few attractions to pull foreigners it is more of a historical, cultural pilgrimage than a tourist hub.

Known widely for its involvement as the location of Mao Zedong’s election into the Communist Party, it is a cultural centre of the Guizhou province. It is also the largest of northern Guizhou’s cities with a mass of train and bus transportation with cement factories bordering the bustling city.

With no airport, most get to Zunyi via road or rail. The railway station is close to the city centre while the busses weave in and out of the city throughout the day.

There are a couple of attractions in Zunyi for tourists to relish.

The first of which is the Cishui Scenic Resort full of natural spectacles. Its waterfalls, bamboo forests and chestnut trees create a nature’s paradise. Another place to visit is Xiangshan Temple, the largest in all of Zunyi, dated back to the 1920s, even today it has stayed an active temple. When heading up to the Temple you will encounter a lively street market full of fortune tellers, incense and food. Lastly, Fenghuang Shan Park is a favourite with its tea gardens, walking trails, temples and tombs. It is usually a quiet park scattered with locals exercising and where you can find some great spots to lookout over the city.

There isn’t a best time to go and visit Zunyi thanks to the mild climate that continues year round.

If you are planning to stay in Zunyi, it should be noted that as a result of low tourist numbers, most don’t speak English. So a rough language guide could be very useful especially communicating in the hotels.

Some places you can research for your stay include:

World Trade Hotel – 5 star hotel in the centre of Zunyi

Orient Jianguo Grand Hotel – 4 star hotel in the Huichuan District