Adventure Package Holiday and Vacations in Costa Rica Costa Rica

Adventure Package Holiday and Vacations Costa Rica

Costa Rica is one of the world’s great adventure travel destinations – no matter what your idea of adventure might be.

Your package can include activities ranging from scuba diving and deep sea fishing to riding zip lines through the rainforest canopy, from spelunking deep underground to standing at the lip of a steaming crater.

Costa Rica adventure travel operators offer a wide variety of tours and activities to suit your interests and physical stamina. Do you want to go white water rafting? Do you want to climb a mountain? Or is touring a coffee plantation or an ox cart factory more your speed? Costa Rica has it all.

The national park system is a showcase of biodiversity, ethical conservation, and natural wonders. Activities include tours to view active volcanoes; tram rides over the forest canopy, hikes through wildlife refuges; and close up visits to the forest canopy, traveling between platforms by hanging from a pulley as you traverse horizontal wires, then rappelling to the ground.

Whether you are satisfied to experience new adventures seated on a tour bus or need the excitement of hard physical activity in an exotic environment, Costa Rica has the adventure travel opportunity you’re looking for.