Drake Bay Costa Rica Drake Bay

Drake Bay Costa Rica

Located off of Costa Rica's Pacific Coast, Drake Bay is a popular destination among yachters. Long famed for its palm lined pristine beaches, Drake Bay is a marine lover's paradise.

Drake Bay was originally named after the British pirate, Francis Drake, who is rumored to have buried treasure here in 1579, somewhere along the bay's expansive stretch of beaches. Monetary treasure or not, the bay itself is an ecological treasure. Realistically, Drake Bay has changed little since that fateful day the pirate docked here in the 16th century. Cut off from most of the surrounding area, getting water here still means going down to the local stream with a bucket and hauling it back by hand.

Its seclusion from much of the surrounding commercial development that has taken place in much of its neighbouring parts of Costa Rica contributes to the allure of this area. Drake Bay has become a popular spot for eco tourists seeking a truly secluded wilderness experience. There are several all inclusive eco lodges around the bay area that cater to any adventure needs, be it hiking, horseback riding, sailing, kayaking, etc. These eco lodges are moderately priced but fill up during the high (dry) season, so it is important to identify one and book your accommodations well in advance.The easiest way to access Drake Bay is by flying on a local charter out of the Pavas airport, located near San Jose, into the small but functional Drake Bay airport. If you plan to fly in, you should contact local tourism officials in Drake Bay before doing so. It is also possible to access Drake Bay by taking a boat out of Sierpe, which is near Palmar Norte. This second option is a bit slower, except it does allow the traveler a rare look at some of the diverse ecology of the surrounding mangroves.