Golfito Costa Rica Golfito

Golfito Costa Rica

Located on the southern Pacific Coast of Costa Rica, Golfito is the capitol of the country's Zona Sur (Southern Zone). Golfito is a popular adventure destination due to its extensive ecological resources.

Flanked by steep jungle covered mountains, Golfito has a stunning natural environment. It is no wonder that these surrounding mountains house several different national parks and stunning ecological reserves. Golfito's landscape, coupled with its beachfront location, make it an ideal location for a wide array of activities.

Golfito has become very popular among eco tourists seeking to do some world class sport fishing, snorkeling with the local sea turtle population, touring the local mangroves on guided boats, and hiking the nearby rainforests. The University of Costa Rica runs a Tropical Studies Program that is conducted out of Golfito. Local lecturers, biologists, and students involved in the university's program lead informative tours into local environments which can be customized to whatever ecological interests one may have. There are also other various guided local tour services based out of some of the surrounding communities of Golfito.

Originally created in 1938, Golfito was a product of an expansion effort of the United Fruit Company (Chiquita Bananas). For much of the 20th century, it was considered the "banana capitol" of Central America. This ended in 1985, when the major fruit company pulled out of the region, leaving the area and its residents in economic ruin. The Costa Rican government tried to offset this economic decline by enacting a duty free zone where Costa Ricans could buy up to $500 worth of products a month. This mildly successful economic venture has been helped recently by the increased amount of tourism into the area now.

Where to Stay:

Golfito offers visitors very economical lodging and accommodation options. Modest in all senses, the town provides visitors with a humble example of daily Costa Rican life. Golfito has a variety of restaurants and bars that are generally inexpensive yet are more than acceptable.