Croatia Beaches Croatia Guide

Croatia Beaches Guide

Croatia boasts some of Europe’s safest and most beautiful beaches. Here’s a run down of our favourites…

Best family beach – Vela Plaza, Krk Island

Vela Plaza means ‘Great Beach’…which pretty much says it all! This approved European Blue Flag beach is over a mile long and is a mixture of sand and natural pebble. The sea is the main reason it is so popular with families; it is very calm and ideal for small children and non swimmers. The beach’s location is also a real winner with families, as it is situated right in the centre of the resort where holidaymakers have many facilities, shops, restaurants and hotels to choose from.

Best nudist beach – Lokrum Island Naturist Beach, Dubrovnik Croatia

Located on the most easterly point of Lokrum Island, and just ten minutes away from Dubrovnik by water taxi, this is one of Croatia’s most popular naturist beaches. It is predominantly a rocky cover, but what the beach lacks in sand, it most certainly makes up for with its picturesque scenery and wonderful water.

Best secluded beach – Skrivena Luka, Lastovo Island

Skrivena Luka literally means ‘Hidden Harbour’, and that is exactly what this bay is. The low level sandy beach is tucked away on the east side of the island of Lastovo, which lies thirteen kilometers south of Korcula in the southern part of the Dalmatia archipelago. The island is mostly uninhibited, offering tourists the perfect opportunity to find a secluded spot to while away the day sunbathing.

Best beach for diving Rt Osor, Brac Island

Many of the Croatia’s best diving resorts are located around Brac Island, but we love Rt Osar, a couple of miles away from the beautiful ancient town of Osar. The location makes for a very interesting diving site indeed, with its underwater cliffs and amazing array of fish, sponges and algae, and is suitable for both beginners and advanced divers alike.

Safest beach – Rajska Plaza, Crnika Beach, Lopar, Rab Island

With over a mile of soft sand and safe, shallow water, this part of Crnika Beach is great for families and novice swimmers. There are lifeguards on duty between 9am and 6pm, and during the busy summer months, extra help is enlisted in the form of local students who help to maintain the beach and man and keep it clean. Whilst extensive life saving and first aid equipment is kept on site, the centre of Lopar town is just a minute away.

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