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Croatia Car Hire Car Rental

To hire a car in Croatia, you must be at least 21 years of age. You must have a valid driving licence, but do not need a special international licence. A credit card is usually required for payment, and third party insurance should be included in the rental charge as standard.

There are lots of car rental companies in Croatia, and prices do vary considerably. You’ll probably find that the larger multi centre rental operations charge more, but they do offer the option of picking up a car from one location and returning it to another – perfect if you plan to travel a long distance one way.

Generally, the roads in Croatia re of a good standard, with an excellent newly built motorway network linking Zagreb and Split and Zagreb Croatia and Rijeka Croatia. However, because the roads have not been established for very long, you may find a limited supply of facilities like petrol stations and service restaurants along the way, so make sure you plan your trip and are always aware of how far you are from such facilities.

When travelling along the country’s motorways, you are bound to come across some pay tolls. Unfortunately there is no way to avoid paying the tolls (unless you are feeling adventurous and want to take a less direct route, avoiding the highways altogether), but prices are quite reasonable and shouldn’t set you back a fortune.

The speed limit for motorways is set at 130 kilometres per hour (80 miles an hour) unless otherwise stated. The standard speed on highways is 80 kilometres, which converts to just over 49 miles an hour. Regular roads have a maximum speed limit of 50 kilometres an hour (the equivalent of 31 miles an hour), but many locals ignore this so please be aware of others when driving your hire car or motorcycle.

Along the coast, the roads are good, but often run into the mountains where steep drops and sudden bends in the road are the norm. If you are not a confident driver, it might be an idea to avoid these routes