Cheap Hotels Croatia Croatia

Cheap Hotels Croatia

If you are on a budget, there’s no lack of cheap accommodation in Croatia. Whether you choose to stay at one of the country’s 150 seaside campsites, or prefer the comfort of a real bed, there’s bound to be something to suit both your needs and your pocket.

You are probably going to find some of the best prices at private guest houses and bed and breakfast hotels, of which there are lots scattered up and down the country. However, it is possible to find a cheap deal at one of Croatia’s more up market hotels. The easiest way to do this is to travel outside of the peak season, i.e. June, July and August, when demand is high and the hotels are able to charge guests full price.

If you are able to, book your holiday in the early season or late season. By travelling in April, May, September or October, you should still benefit from the good weather, but room prices will be up to half the price. You should also find that flight and Croatia Ferry Transport tickets are also much cheaper during these times.

Single supplements are often added to the price of a room if you are travelling alone. Always make sure you opt for a single room (you’ll often find you still get a double bed) and that you check whether there are any additional costs for singles.

Reserving a room in an apartment or guesthouse may seem cheaper than staying in a fully catered hotel, but once you’ve forked out for your three meals and drinks each day, you’ll probably find that you’ve spent a fair amount on food. Because of this, don’t just dismiss what seems to be an expensive hotel until you’ve taken into account everything that’s included. You may find that by spending a few extra Kuna on a full board hotel, you’ll save yourself a fortune in the long run.

Lastly, shop around on the internet for good offers and late deals. Don’t just reserve the first hotel you come across; do your homework and compare a few different travel websites to see who can offer the best deal.