Opatija Croatia Opatija City Guide

Opatija Croatia City Guide

On the western peninsula of Croatia, just south west of the city of Rijeka Croatia, lies the beautiful town of Opatija.

Anyone visiting the area will instantly understand why this small Croatian village of just 8,000 inhabitants is so popular. With its breathtaking views over the Adriatic towards the Kvarner Islands and up towards the Istrian mountains in the distance, Opatija really is a place of natural beauty.

It is an ideal holiday resort, too, with its lovely mild climate, extensive beaches and 43 kilometre coastline. The European elite frequented the town for many centuries, earning it the well deserved title, ‘The Adriatic Nice’. Away from the coast, Opatija also boasts historic parks.

The Opatija Riviera’s strong tourist tradition means that there are literally hundreds of hotels and guesthouses to choose from. From the grand aristocratic villas along the promenade to the more modern hotels offering all the comforts you can ask for.

There are several beautiful buildings worth visiting both in and around the town. Without a shadow of a doubt, the most outstanding example of Opatija’s architecture is the Old Abbey, which was built in 1844 by a rich merchant from neighbouring Rijeka, and which has recently been converted into a hotel.

Tourists should also make sure they visit the town’s famous statue of ‘the Lady with the Seagull’, (also known as ‘the Maiden with the Seagull’), which overlooks the bay and is a symbol of Opatija.

From the highest peak of Mount Uka, the views stretch for miles right the way across the Istria region. On a clear day, it is possible to see as far as the Italian Alps.

Tourists generally reach the area by road, via the highway from nearby Rijeka Croatia. However there is a good railway line connecting the town to Trieste, ninety kilometres away, where the nearest international airport is also situated.