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Porec Croatia


Porec is situated on the west coast of Croatia, within the beautiful region of Istria. It is predominantly a tourist destination, with a pretty harbour, safe beaches, calm waters and 37 kilometres of coastline.

The weather here, as with the whole of Istria, is pleasantly mild, with the hottest temperatures reaching a bearable 30C in the height of summer, with an average of ten hours sunshine each day. In the winter, temperatures drop; mainly due to the cold wind arriving from the North, but you will rarely have to deal with anything below 5C, even in January and February.

Approximately 12,000 people live in and around the city, with a further 5,000 residing in the outskirts of the area. Most are Croatian, but a quarter of the population is made up of other nationalities; mainly Italians, Serbs and Albanians, a factor that does not seem to cause any tensions in this part of what is, historically, a racially sensitive country.

Although other industries are developing, the city’s economy depends greatly on tourism, and this is evident in the facilities available to holidaymakers. In both the north and the south of the city, several ‘holiday centres’ have been established to cater for all visitors’ needs.

Most tourists arrive on flights from the nearby airport at Pula Croatia, or from the larger Trieste airport. However, the area’s road network is well linked to other major cities in the country.

Porec’s main attractions are its beautiful beaches and the breathtaking landscape that surrounds the city, where a wide range of produce is still farmed, including an impressive range of quality wines.

Within the city there are many historically significant buildings to look at, including Romanesque houses, Venetian palaces and the Byzantine church, The Euphrasian Basilica, which is over 1500 years old and one of the best examples of Byzantine art in this part of Europe.