Croatia Travel Travelling to Croatia

Croatia Travel Travelling to Croatia

The Croatian travel industry has really blossomed over the last decade or so. After so many years of conflict throughout the former Yugoslavia, the area is now enjoying a period of peace and stability and has become a very popular tourist destination indeed. And it is not surprising really, when one considers what Croatia has to offer travellers…

Croatia boasts some of the cleanest and most beautiful beaches in Europe, many of which can be found on the Dalmatian islands off the coast of Split. Probably the most famous of Croatia’s beaches is Zlatni Rat, which means the ‘Golden Horn’, and if you ever get to see it, you’ll understand why. The beach is shaped in a ‘V’ around the bay, resembling a horn, and the sand is a wonderful golden colour.

Croatia has a long and colourful history, and this is most evident in the various architectural styles on show in its towns, cities and islands. Some of the country’s most beautiful buildings, many of them former churches, have since been renovated into hotels and guesthouses, offering visitors a wonderful opportunity to get a real taste of Croatia. Of course, there are also several luxury hotels available, although these tend to be situated only in the major cities and tourist resorts.

Travelling to Croatia is easy, and there are a number of options open to you. Most of the UK’s major airports run services to the country, and the number and frequency of flights is always increased during the busy summer months when tourists flock to the area from all across Europe.

Croatia’s long coastline also means that there are plenty of ferry services operating in and out of the various ports. Many of these simply run domestic services up and down the coast and across to the beautiful islands dotted around the Adriatic, but a growing number of routes are being established that link Croatia with other countries, Italy being the best served with a number of good services running daily.