Croatia Weather Climate Croatia

Croatia Weather Climate

Croatia is a long country, and therefore its climate and weather varies quite dramatically depending on your location.

Thanks to the Dinaric Alps, the high mountains around the Dalmatian coast that shield the resorts from the cold northerly winds, here you can expect long, hot, sunny summers and relatively mild but rainy winters.

The Adriatic gets its fair share of good weather, although it is much more prone to downfalls of rain and the odd thunderstorm in the peak summer period. Despite this, you can still expect a good ten to twelve hours of sunshine each day. In the winter, however, you are lucky to get four hours, and the cold winds from central and eastern Europe can make for a very miserable few days when they are at their worst, particularly towards the north of the Adriatic coast.

Inland, the temperatures remain high in the summer but are marred by rain, and the winters can be bitterly cold. The high mountainous regions regularly see snow, which makes an ideal location for ski holidays in the winter months.

In the east of the country, where there are fewer hills, rainfall is much lower but the winters tend to be very cold.

In the main cities, temperatures are much hotter during the summer months compared to the winter months. Zagreb Croatia, for example, regularly hits 80 degrees Fahrenheit (27C) during the summer, yet can see temperatures as low as 35F (just 2C) in winter.