Booze Cruises Cruise Theme for all Occasions

Many people will remember the delight felt when buying duty free goods on the way back from holiday. Many people will also remember the horror felt when the EU decided to stop the duty free perk. In fact, this was a good thing for the booze cruiser as the limits were removed and now, especially with the strength of the pound, anyone buying in bulk could save a great deal of money. The tradition of driving to France and filling your car with as much booze as possible is a well established one. The booze cruise season peaks just before Christmas and again mid way through the year when weddings are most prevalent.

The booze cruise market is dominated by three ports. The most common destination, and the one fully equipped to cope with a mass influx of alcohol seeking tourists, is Calais. Calais may not be the prettiest of places but having made its name as the booze cruise capital of France, that is not a major concern. With over 20 outlets in close proximity to the port, many of which are open 24/7, this really is a place which caters for its market. In recent years, Dieppe has improved in popularity and now presents some decent competition for Calais. One major advantage Dieppe has over Calais is that it is actually a town you might want to visit. Lively and welcoming, it offers more than just the outlets. Boulogne is another destination well known to the booze cruiser. This olde worlde town is a little more subtle in its approach and again, the town itself is worth a visit. Though Boulogne has fewer outlets than Calais or Dieppe, there is still a good selection and many bargains to be had.

There are a number of ways of getting to the common booze cruise destinations. Whether you choose to travel by hovercraft, ferry or tunnel, ensure you shop around as the prices can vary considerably. Though some tickets are expensive, it is possible to get a return ferry ticket for two people and a car for the price of four decent bottles of wine; not bad when you think what you will save on the alcohol you buy.