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Celebrity Cruises began in 1989 and quickly built up a good reputation. In terms of luxury and service, cruise ships are classed as 'utterly exclusive', 'exclusive', 'premium' and 'standard': Celebrity's fleet always sat comfortably in the 'premium' stratum due to its high concentration of staff and a dining service which was. well, celebrated. Considering that the vast majority of cruise vessels are classed as 'standard', it is no mean feat to keep ships up to scratch in the three higher echelons of the market. And indeed there was, by some accounts, a bit of a dip in quality after the company was taken over by the much larger Royal Caribbean in 1997. In the past few years, though, a change in management and some rapid sock hoisting have enabled Celebrity (still owned by Royal Caribbean) to hold on to its good reputation.

Due in part to that high concentration of staff (the highest among the larger cruise lines) and in part to its overseeing by triple Michelin starred chef Albert Roux, the cuisine on this line is still excellent despite the large size of most of the ships. Particularly good are the 'alternative' dining options on Constellation, Millennium and Summit : all members of the top 'Millennium' class section of the fleet. A feature of Millennium itself is its wine cellar, with hundreds of different wines to choose from. Make sure you're paying attention when you read the wine list though there are some extremely rare vintages which will be worth an awful lot of washing up if you order by accident. Still, if you have a few $1000's to spare on a beverage, the top end selection is impressive. You can also dine in the wine cellar an atmospheric but lengthy experience which you will need to allow a few hours for. Millennium's other notable dining environ, the Olympic restaurant, is named after the Titanic's luckier sister ship and recreates the elegance of these early 20th century liners. Such was the effort invested in the décor that it involved buying a whole house: antique walnut panelling from the Olympic itself had found its way into said house (which was auctioned off in England in 1999) and now adorns its namesake restaurant. The décor on Celebrity's other ships is also carefully thought out, including the artwork the 'Century' series ships, including Mercury and Century, boast collections worth millions of dollars (Century is also a top choice for cuisine).

Considering touches like this and the general level of service on the ships, Celebrity Cruises are considered to be pretty good value for money. Destinations vary from the Antarctic to the Arctic via pretty much everywhere, including the Americas, Europe, the Pacific and the Galapagos (this last with the smallest addition to the fleet, the Celebrity Xpedition). For more information about this line, consult a cruise agent or visit their website at www.celebrity.comwww.celebrity.com.
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