Activity Cruises Cruise Theme for all Occasions

Cruises can be an ideal way to get away from it all. A chance to put your feet up, sip a cocktail and let the sea breeze waft gently against your face as you sail into the sunset. But it's not all about lazing around. Activity cruises are becoming increasingly popular and offer the best of both worlds. There's the requisite time at sea where you can sit in a spa for much of the day before tucking into what will hopefully be a very good meal. But activity cruises also offer a vista of onshore and offshore pursuits to keep passengers as busy as they want to be. In fact, even your food can involve some activity. Several cruise lines are adopting the trend of having a well known chef in one of their restaurants. On Ocean Village, one of the most popular new activity lines, the celebrity chef (James Martin at the moment) will even teach you how to cook his food as well as eating it.

One prime spot for an activity cruise is Hawaii. There are all sorts of sports going on in the waters of Oahu, Kauai and co, and if you get tired of water skiing, kayaking, surfing or fishing there's always whale and dolphin watching from a chartered boat (there will be plenty touting for your business). Inland there's biking, hiking, shopping and, unexpectedly perhaps, internationally admired golf courses. And you can probably take hula lessons if you have time.

The onboard entertainment on this kind of cruise is also part of the attraction and can be frenetic (N.B on some lines those of a certain disposition might find it tacky, so ask carefully about it when you are choosing your ship). The cruise host's job is to provide you with as many cocktail parties, shows, dance nights and barbeques as you can manage. It's part of the time honoured cruise tradition of mingling with your fellow passengers. Although if you're not feeling particularly sociable, there are ways to escape dinner for two, for example.

Excursions can be booked onboard (get there as early as possible for the popular ones). But no one can make you do it this way if you want to, you can book your tours locally. It can work out more relaxed, more flexible, more personal and much cheaper. Taxi drivers often make good inexpensive tour guides and will take you exactly where you want to go. In the same vein, local guides such as snorkellers in the Bahamas will be able to take you to the least explored spots for less money. Read up carefully before you leave if you are going to do this, and check the internet you can book activities at a discount online (although this sort of defeats the object of doing it on the spot). And just be careful to get back to your ship in time your personally chosen guide, unlike the cruise line's, is not responsible for delivering you back before the boat leaves. And it's not to say that the cruise line's guide won't be excellent him or herself it might be worth trying one or two of the ship's excursions before making the decision to forego them.

Lines such as Carnival, Celebrity, the aforementioned Ocean Village, Royal Caribbean, PO and Norwegian Coastal Voyages offer many different activities.