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Crystal Cruises make regular appearances in travel magazine's 'best of' polls their ships are among the few to be officially classed as 'luxury' liners, and it generally shows in the service and attention to detail. Crystal cruises may not be to everyone's taste they are best suited to people, typically a little older, who want to get elegantly relaxed rather than elegantly wasted (for wild times, try one of the more energetic lines like Carnival) but in terms of what they do there are few better. Around four fifths of the line's clientele is American.

Crystal Serenity, Crystal Symphony and Crystal Harmony are all extremely well appointed, although there are some differences in construction and finish between Crystal Harmony and its two younger sisters (notably, lower category cabin accommodation on Harmony in particular is considered by some to be less spacious than it could be). Serenity, the newest ship, benefits from cutting edge (when it came into service in 2003 at least, although technology of any kind is inherently obsolescent) podded propulsion units which pull the ship along instead of pushing it like a normal motor. This means a much quieter, smoother ride.

Despite their high standards, and in contrast to several other ships with 'luxury' status, Crystal ships are big. Each ship can cater for around 1000 passengers, putting it just within the 'large' category of cruise ship. This means that they can lay on facilities and events which would be difficult for a smaller ship Serenity, the largest, features facilities such as a sushi bar, a computer learning centre, a private dining room which provides vintage wine tastings. There are also facilities on the ships for those with disabilities, and a willingness to cater for special diets.

There are a few down points. Because they are large ships, Crystal cruises have to have two dinner and entertainment seatings, which can be quite annoying although there are always the alternative dining options. Also annoying to some are service charges (including an automatic 15% on drinks from the bar) on what is already likely to be a very expensive trip. But generally Crystal cruises are known for giving you what you pay for detailed, fine service. Crystal employees, from their Norwegian captains and officers to the rest of the staff, are known for their careful selection and training. Crystal visits a wide selection of destinations including Africa, Alaska, New England, Europe, the Mediterranean and the Mexican Riviera. There are also World Cruises. For more information check the website at