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It's not always easy to think of a family holiday which will please everyone involved giving parents some time to relax while the kids are having fun. As the name might suggest, Disney Cruises are a useful choice if you have some little people to entertain. Plenty of the larger cruise ships provide entertainment for youngsters but Disney is probably the only one which is primarily geared toward the child (or the child in you). It's not everyone's cup of tea but there's no denying that Disney have, if you'll excuse the pun, really pushed the boat out on entertainment.

Disney started providing cruises in 1998 and their two ships, Disney Magic and Disney Wonder, can take nearly 2,000 people apiece, putting them well in the 'large' category of cruise ships. The sense of scale extends to the attending paraphernalia, including a fleet of special buses to bring passengers to the line's own terminal at Port Canaveral, Florida. Despite their size, the Disney ships are well appointed and generally tastefully designed with an art deco interior echoing the classic cruise era of the early 1900's. The exteriors also appeal to a bygone era: Disney Magic and Disney Wonder are respectively the first and second two funnel liners to be built since the mid twentieth century. The second funnel is actually, like the non Mecca facing 'mosque' at the Taj Mahal, simply there to create atmosphere (very much unlike the Taj Mahal, however, it contains a sports bar). The fake funnel does its job well. So do the ships' colours Mickey's and the ears painted on the funnels also Mickey's. The other Disney characters get a look in, both on the outside of the boat, and in on board in games and activities. Mickey is definitely the cruise king though on Disney Magic he even has his own bronze statue as helmsman of the ship.

The two ships cover seven and three/four day itineraries in the east and west Caribbean and the Bahamas. The latter is home to Disney's private island, Castaway Cay, which every cruise visits. This 1000 acre island is divided into areas catering for different ages kids get Scuttle's Cove, where there are a variety of programs to keep them entertained for the day while their parents relax in the sands or massage huts of Serenity Beach. There's also a special beach for teenagers with a rope swing and jungle gym.

There's no denying that children love Disney, and there will be enough entertainment to prevent even the slightest trace of cabin fever in your young charges. One of the down points is that the entertainment is regimented to an extent which could be annoying to some people, but there is an up side: onboard security is very good. For more information about Disney Cruises, try their website at www.disney.comwww.disney.com.