Cruise Ship Employment Working on Cruise Ships

The reality of cruise ship employment :

For some people, their idea of a perfect job is working onboard a cruise ship. Employment will allow you to spend your winter in the Caribbean or exploring South America, or in fact anywhere you like. Not only can you sail the seas, but you will also be paid for the privilege. There is no doubt that cruise ship employment would be a good way of seeing a lot of the world.

WARNING!! A lot of young people think that by working on the cruise ships is an easy way to see the world. It is, to see the world, but not to get employment. It is difficult because there is so much competition. That is why there are many sites offering employment services where you need to pay to access them!!

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As most people use this type of work to travel, cruise ships have a high turnover of staff and so are constantly looking for replacements. They need people to serve a wide range of functions from golf instructors to beauty therapists and jewellery managers. Some of the positions are highly skilled and require professional qualifications. Others merely ask for hard work and enthusiasm. Whatever position is applied for, all cruise ships demand their staff fit in with the hard working ethos of the ship. You will be judged harshly from the minute of the arrival of your application; even a minor mistake will result in your hard work going in the bin.

Seeing as they travel the world, it is only logical that cruise ships employ their staff from all over the world, regardless of nationality. Most nationalities will require only a passport to obtain employment, valid for three months after the end of the employment contract. Any visas required are organised by the ship as and when they are needed.

Few of the cruise lines advertise their positions directly. Instead, most operate through a 'service company' who will be responsible for all the cruise ship employment. Just Cruis'n International and Cruise Services International are two of the many well established employment agencies used by cruise lines. There is however, talk of cowboy agencies that request a fee up front and then disappear, so ensure you are registering with a reputable company before parting with your money.

Once you have secured employment, you will be required to undergo a full medical by a doctor designated by your particular cruise line. Most cruise ships will offer any necessary vaccinations from on board the ship. They also will provide full medical and dental insurance for employees.