Cruise Holidays Essential Tips and Advice


When a cruise holiday is good, it's very good. When it's bad, you will be stuck with no escape for an interminably long time in a place that is making you suffer. Sounds infernal? Then make sure it's good. Here are some top tips for how to do that:

There are two schools of thought on how long you should actually spend at sea. You are after all on a cruise, so the sailing is an integral part of the experience. But even a large boat can be too small if you're on it constantly. And then there is the threat of seasickness. The best option is probably a happy medium a day or two sailing for every week you're away.

In terms of cabin choice, you are looking for size and elevation. Cabins are smaller than comparable hotel rooms, and one fairly high up is desirable for the sake of the view from your balcony (essential, unless you have small children). The best cabins will go quickly so if you see one you like, snap it up. Some ships, such as the Radisson's Seven Seas Mariner, only have suites, but you do have to pay for this luxury.

Find out in detail about the ports of call of any cruise you are thinking about. Because the ship will only be there for a short time it matters whether the sights to be seen and things to be done in the near vicinity are appealing to you or not. Consider whether you want to travel a well worn route or one that is off the beaten track and not to be repeated. If it's the latter, bear in mind you may need to book further in advance than normal. And consider an itinerary which visits mainly small ports at these you'll be received warmly and the excursions are likely to be more interesting.

But whatever you choose, book ahead. Well ahead. You should start thinking about your cruise at least one year before you plan to take it unless you are extremely flexible about when you travel and where you travel to.

Speaking of booking, the best way to do this is usually through an agent. They can get you deals which you won't hear about in any direct exchange with the cruise company. Try and/or visit a few travel agents for an initial idea of who to approach.