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These days, you can cruise almost anywhere, anyhow the Windward Islands on a tall ship, Antarctica on an icebreaker, or Charleston on a steamboat. If you live in a coastal city such as Boston, New York or Vancouver, you don't even need to leave your local area for a cruise vacation. The size and style of the ship you pick for your vacation are up to you from a yacht holding fewer than a hundred people to the monsters accommodating thousands. What you do is up to you too. Learn about the history and culture of the places you visit, sweat it out in the gym before relaxing in a luxury spa, or just sit on the deck and sip a sundowner. Cruises provide a massive range of choice, but there are a few things which they all have in common such as the best ways to choose and book them. We offer you plenty of tips on this site.

Here are a few ideas as a taster. The terra firma activities are integral to your trip. But bear in mind that popular excursions particularly if there are a lot of people on the cruise may book up, so plan what you want to do carefully and get in there quickly. Remember, though, that you don't have to do what the crowd is doing you are free to explore the ports of call on your own in your own way. Taking a taxi can sometimes be a good (and cheap) option. It makes a difference when you want to cruise. Some destinations, such as the Bahamas, can be visited year round. Others, such as Antarctica, have definite seasons (for the latter, it's the austral summer, from December to February, when the continent is only half the size it reaches in the winter. There are, of course, other reasons why you might want to choose between the Bahamas and Antarctica).

As for the Windward Islands and Antarctic, Royal Clipper, Star Clippers' largest vessel, is one ship which visits the former, while Quark expeditions is one of many companies to operate extreme routes such as the North and South Poles. Try also Abercrombie and Kent, Peregrine, and the well appointed ships of Orient Lines and Hapag Lloyd. For the American South, consider the American Queen, Delta Queen and Mississippi Queen steamboats. These are all fairly top end options, but there are plenty of deals out there if you hunt around.