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Fred Olsen's three cruise ships are leisurely sailing the world's oceans as I write. They endlessly explore the seas and their passengers choose where and when to join them. The longest Fred Olsen cruise is almost four months in length and will cost you the same as a brand new convertible Jaguar. If your budget doesn't quite stretch that far but you still fancy a taste of luxury, their shortest cruise, at a mere 3 days, will only cost you the same as a second hand Toyota.

Since RMS Laconia's circumnavigation in 1922, luxury boats have been hot on the trail and Fred Olsen cruises are no exception. In three and a half months you could be whisked around the seas, catching glimpses of the exotic lands on offer. Heading east will take you initially past Egypt then through to India, the Far East and Australia before pivoting home from South Africa. Heading westbound takes you to the Caribbean and South Pacific on your way to Australia. With this you get the added bonus, certainly as you cross the Atlantic, of an extra hour in bed each morning and spectacularly long sunsets.

If you don't have a spare three months, or if you think the world's great treasures deserve longer perusal, then you could opt for a fly/cruise combo. As well as the pleasure of beginning your cruise in the sunshine, this can be a agreeable option as Fred Olsen charter their own flights to meet their cruise ships at a number of different destinations making it entirely hassle free. It is also possible to book a place on one of their cruise ships and get there yourself; this is ideal if you want to incorporate the cruise as part of a longer holiday. If you're keen on this idea but still want a fully organised, luxury experience then Fred Olsen with fix you up with some nice first class accommodation and chauffeured trips at your chosen destination. If you are an inexperienced cruiser, The Fred Olsen mini cruise is an ideal way of trying it out. It's a good way to test the water without a major commitment of either time or money.