Hawaiian Cruises Going on a Hawaiian Cruise

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Did you know that Hawaii is per capita the biggest consumer of Spam in the world? That's one of many fascinating facts you won't need to know if you want to cruise Hawaii.

There's a wide choice of cruise lines to go with, so your decision will mainly be determined by what you want to get out of the holiday. Some of the larger lines to cruise Hawaii include Celebrity, Princess, Norwegian Cruise Lines, Holland America and Royal Caribbean.

If you're taking a cruise which starts in Hawaii, it's usually better to buy the holiday as a package which includes flights and hotel accommodation as well as the cruise itself. But check in the contract whether it's up to the cruise agent or cruise line to ensure that you can make it to the boat on time. If you book your journey to Hawaii yourself and miss the start of the cruise because of a delayed flight, you might end up having to a pay a fine of several hundred dollars when you do catch up with the boat if it's not US flagged, that is. That's because of a 1920 law called the Jones Act. Designed to favour American made ships, it stipulates a fine for boarding a foreign boat anywhere other than at the registered port of embarkation.

Also consider where you want to go on your cruise. Hawaii, of course, is a collection of islands, and they all have their different personalities. Fanning Island in the Republic of Kiribati, which is visited by Norwegian Cruise Line, has (like the line itself) received mixed reports. What is inarguable is that its residents are noticeably poorer than in other surrounding destinations and that the beach, though attractive, does not accommodate large numbers of cruise goers very comfortably.

How much it costs to cruise Hawaii can vary considerably depending on when you go and who with. As with all cruises, shop around and consult a cruise agent they have access to deals which aren't in the cruise lines' brochures.

If you're staying on land in Hawaii and simply want a day cruise, there are smaller companies such as Paradise Cruises which offer just that. The company has, as it proudly states on its website (www.paradisecruises.comwww.paradisecruises.com), been serving the islands since 1957, and also caters for dinner cruises, whale watching trips and special occasions such as weddings. There are also chartered sailing boats, such as Wild Side Specialty Tours' vessel, Island Spirit.