Island Cruises Going on an Island Cruise

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Are you looking for a ship which cruises islands or are you specifically interested in the budget line Island Cruises? That's the first question. Let's start with the cruise line.

Island Cruises: as seen not always in the best light on TV, in 2002's series The Cruise. The ship featured in this programme, Island Escape, used to be a Baltic car ferry. And despite a (metaphorically) bumpy start, the conversion is not bad, and the prices are very good. The line is a collaborative project set up in 2001 by First Choice Holidays and Royal Caribbean as a cheerful budget option best suited to younger (or young in spirit) passengers and families.

The company's destinations Brazil in the winter and the Mediterranean in the summer and its relaxed attitude to cruising will certainly appeal to some. Brazil in particular sounds interesting samba parties and mixed UK/Brazilian crew and clientele. Features on board include a Holmes Place spa, an internet centre and a Costa Coffee bar. Book health and beauty treatments early. Speaking of booking, bear in mind when you're booking the cruise itself that it's important to make sure you are satisfied with your cabin. Not all have an outside view, and some are small. There are eight suites, though, the biggest being the Island Suite.

If it's actually a cruise which visits islands that you're looking for and not a specific cruise line, you have a wealth of choice. The Mediterranean and Caribbean are traditional obvious options, but there's more and more choice all the time. One of the ultimate cruising destinations is the Pacific. Though it's somewhat more accessible for US travellers than for those from the other side of the Atlantic, it's still a pretty exotic trip for anyone to take. Several companies operate routes there, including Bora Bora Cruises ( The tiny (in cruise terms) and ultra luxurious Tu Moana has cabins just under 40 of them with décor courtesy of the likes of Phillip Starck and Kenzo. Its sister yacht Tia Moana is equally appealing. If you are considering the Pacific, it will be expensive whichever line you decide to travel with, so make the most of it by staying on land as well for a few extra days (particularly before you start the cruise, because the flight will be extremely tiring).