Med Cruises Cruise Destinations around the World


The Med conjures a sense of magic and adventure, wearing its past glories on its sleeve, everywhere from the ruins of Athens, Turkey and Pompeii to the stately majesty of Istanbul, Venice, Florence, Barcelona and Rome. to name but a few. Med cruises offer more than most and promise a once in a lifetime experience.

Whether you're planning a romantic honeymoon, or are just searching for adventure on the high seas, there is such a wide variety of carriers, tours and destinations available around the Mediterranean and its environs that it borders on being an embarrassment of riches, and all you have to do is to decide what kind of experience you want to have and where you want to have it!

Naturally, all the major cruise liners and many, many others, sail around the Med, from PO and Thompson, to the more expensive end of the market, represented by the Likes of Cunard. All however offer special deals and reduced rates through the internet, so it's well worth having a scan through the web to see what you can save.

There is always strong competition among cruise line companies and among travel agents in general, meaning that if you're prepared to put in a little time and effort on research, you could get a real bargain. It is also worth investigating some of the 'last minute' websites too if you're looking for good deals. The net is also a great place for comparing prices and planning routes.

Cruises around the Med, can be tailored to your specific needs or exist in the form of various 'packages'. Cruises with, Seabourn, for example, allow you to choose between trips lasting from a week up to a month, to almost any destination you choose, with a special emphasis on visiting the lands of the ancient Greeks and Romans, letting you explore the great archaeological ruins of the Acropolis in Athens, with the Parthenon, perhaps the worlds' best example of classical architecture, and the ruins of the great and prosperous city of Ephesus in Turkey.

Alternatively, if you're searching fro something extra special, why not travel with Cunard in unrivalled luxury and go on the trip of a lifetime. Whether you're there to soak up the past or are looking for a romantic getaway, they offer classic graceful elegance, coupled with tailor made trips to suit every customer on their magnificent fleet of ships that famously include Queen Mary II, and Queen Elizabeth.

The great Med adventure is out there just waiting to be experienced. All you have to do is plan your route, and dive in!