Mexico Cruises Going on a Mexican Cruise

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There's more to Mexico than sombreros and tequila (although these certainly have their appeal). Aztec ruins, varied and beautiful landscapes, sunny beaches and exuberant music and dance to name a few things. Mexico cruises are an excellent way to see and do as much as possible, be it mountain biking, whale watching, studying the country's rich history or simply stuffing yourself with burritos at a beach resort.

There are an increasing number of Mexico cruises to choose from, ranging between 4 and 20 days see a cruise agent or visit a cruise booking site for ideas on where to go and who with. Mexico city is a mixed experience. It is one of the biggest (and the most polluted) cities in the world, a mega city, with a fifth of the nation living within its environs. The notorious slums on the outskirts of the capital are a different world to Mexico's fine cruise ports Acapulco, Puerto Vallata, Mazatlan on the Pacific coast; Cozumel in the Gulf of Mexico; Los Cabos at the tip of the Baja California Peninsula. Bahía Magdalena, the gateway to the Pacific, is a haven for Gray whales. The whales arrive in the 50 km bay in January, February and March. Cruises are ideal for whale watching, as well as exploring the areas inlets and mangrove swamps which house a range of birdlife.

Acapulco, the famous port in the south of the country, is often called Mexico's Riviera. Its harbour, beaches and fishing make it a popular port of call for cruises. Although you may not want to indulge in its most famous activity, cliff diving at La Quebrada: brave/crazy divers pray at a local chapel then leap 130 feet into the ocean.

Mexico's 100 million plus population makes it the fifth biggest country in the Western Hemisphere. It is crossed by the Sierra Madre (comprised of two mountain chains) and its landscape ranges from volcanic peaks to rainforest to unspoilt coastline. Travellers taking Mexico cruises can choose from adventure activities in these regions, or take in the country's rich archaeological and artistic heritage of the country. Its Museum of Modern Art, for example, contains a fine collection of 19th and 20th Mexican painting including works by Diego Rivera and José Clemente Orozco. The country is bordered by the Pacific Ocean to the west, Guatemala and Belize on the south, and as US immigration officials are well aware, the United States to the north.