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Egypt is a country that combines the very ancient with the new, so what better way to trace Egyptian history than to take a Nile cruise. A visitor taking a Nile cruise can watch the history of this ancient civilisation drift past whilst enjoying the modern day comforts of a twenty first century ship.

Historically, the river was the main way of exploring the many monuments Pharaohs and noblemen built to immortalise themselves. It is still a very popular way of getting between the tombs and monuments that line the Nile's banks. As well as ancient monuments, a Nile cruise also allows passengers to glimpse rural Egypt and offers visitors a view of the real life of Egyptian people.

Due to the changing water levels, the ideal time to take a Nile cruise is between October and April. The length and content of Nile cruises varies considerably but a typical cruise would be 3 7 nights long. The shorter cruises operate between Luxor and Aswan, and typically include visits to the Valley of the Kings including the famous tomb of Tutankhamen, the Aswan High Dam and the Ptolemic Temple. Longer cruises will go further north and may include some day trips overland to more remote places.

Nile cruises vary greatly in price. The more expensive boats will have all the facilities of a good land hotel including swimming pools, exercise rooms, a choice of restaurants and nightclubs. As Nile cruises are all inclusive, your food and entertainment will be provided on board. The meals are buffet style and offer a combination of international and local cuisine, and you will be given bottled water to drink. Entertainment will typically involve such activities as an Egyptian style treasure hunt, fancy dress and a performance by Nubian dancers. There is a price increase of between 25% and 50% at Christmas and Easter time.

It is said that if you drink water from the Nile, you are sure to return to Egypt. Certainly the lure of the Nile is such that once you have cruised its waters, your experience will leave you wanting more.