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Undoubtedly one of the easiest, most luxurious, and popular ways to experience the majesty of the Norwegian coastline and its intricate network of breathtaking Fjords, is by cruiser. It's probably the best vantage point from which to view the amazingly fecund scenery, ranging from the azure green waters to the snow capped mountains that shimmer in the sunlight, and the best place from which to experience the sheer scale of the geographical terrain in completely unspoilt surroundings.

With a wide variety of different cruise lines to choose from, offering varying itineraries, and of course the famous Norwegian hospitality, you can be sure that you will enjoy great food and entertainment, along with some of the most beautiful nature that the country has to offer.

You will stop at interesting ports of call, like the beautiful coastal town of Bergen in southern Norway, taking in local fishing villages like, Floro, and, Alesund and other points of interest on the way, and can travel as far north (across the Arctic circle) as, Kirkenes, near the Russian border, where you can experience the famous, midnight sun, and if you're lucky enough, catch the Northern lights.

A typical cruise, over seven days sails From Bergen to Alesund stops along the way at Trondheim (the beautiful cathedral here is a must) and other various destinations such as, Tromso and, Hammerfest, until it reaches its final destination at Kikenes. From May to October, the general pricing for this service varies between $830 $4,113, with cruise Norway (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

Of course, there is a wide variety of cruises on offer, from the two hour, to the three day, to the thirty two day; offering something for everyone. Fjord travel Norway (post@fjord offer varied itineraries, from ' Norway in a nutshell', to the relaxing two day, Sognefjord compact cruise, which will take you to all the scenic highlights.

Another very popular option is the six day, Sognefjord and Glacier excursion, where you'll get a chance to take a ride on the famous Flam railway, and to drink in some truly awe inspiring scenery on the way. The next day you'll head off to the Fjaerlandsfjord, where you will experience the truly awesome spectacle of the vast Jostedal glacier in all its natural splendor.

For those of a slightly more adventurous bent, there is the Arctic and northern lights program, where you can enjoy the strange and compelling mysteries of the natural phenomena that is the Aurora Borealis in the Arctic city of Tromso, and maybe try your hand at dog sledding or Reindeer trekking, before warming your cockles with that most notorious Norwegian spirit, Aquavit.

There are trips too, to Svalbard where you cruise by the light of the northern star and experience the almost deafening silence of the Arctic Circle. Coastal voyages and winter programs are also on offer. Just relax and enjoy the natural and untouched beauty of this incredible country.