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The renowned cruise liner PO, have always prided themselves on good service, competitive prices and guaranteed quality. For many it is the first name that springs to mind when considering the trip of a lifetime out on the high seas. Their friendly staff, and the endless list of exciting and interesting itineraries that are available, means that they can offer something to suit everybody's needs.

There are now six ships in the PO fleet, Arcadia, Artemis, Aurora, Oceana, Oriana and Ventura. These modern, technologically advanced ships, offer a relaxed ambience coupled with a classic style, and offer a great range of activities both onboard and onshore.

The Arcadia is indulgent with stylish accommodation and over 3000 artworks on board.

The Artemis is the smallest in the fleet, personal and child free.

The Aurora's sheer scale is magnificent (all 886 feet of her!) and boasts 939 passenger cabins. The general concept behind cruising with PO, is that your every wish should be taken care of. Your relaxation is their priority, and whether you opt for a standard single cabin or one of the incredibly luxurious Penthouse suites that can be accessed from two decks and offer bar and dining areas along with all the usual comforts, you can be sure that your stay will be a comfortable one.

The Oriana, offers comfort and elegance on a slightly more intimate scale, with 914 passenger cabins, at a length of 853 feet. Elegance is indeed the order of the day onboard the Oriana, from its classical lines and spacious wooden decks, to the Tiffanny style glass ceiling in the atrium. It offers the unbridled comfort of family and Penthouse suites complete with balconies, and in some cases, butler service! It also offers activities for children, and a range of pools, bars, and restaurants.

Ever popular with those new to cruising, Oceana, has all the choice, luxury and facilities offered by the other super liners, whilst offering something of the warmth and intimacy of the smaller vessels. With open decks offering terraced lidos, and secluded sunbathing areas, and with a selection of restaurants, bars, pools, and childcare facilities, plus luxury cabins with balconies and great views, you can't go wrong. If you're looking for a little opulence in the most relaxed of surroundings, then look no further.

The Ventura is a superliner thats fun, stylish and innovative. The ideal British family holiday ship.

The PO fleet, offer a wide variety of destinations and cruises on their itineraries, from the Azores and the Canaries, to the Mediterranean and the Iberian coastline. There are also cruises to the Caribbean, an 'Indian summer' cruise, a Ukraine and Bosphorus cruise, to mention nothing of the cruises to the far East and Austaralia. The liner also offers themed cruise, such as 'colours of the Caribbean ', 'Ancient glories', and 'Adriatic adventures' to name but a few. There is something on offer for everyone. All you have to do is plan your journey, book the tickets, and dive in!

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