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Princess Cruises, founded in 1965, is one of the world's biggest lines its fleet of 14 ships runs more than 70 different routes, stopping at 200 different ports of call. And it is now part of the world's biggest cruise conglomerate the Carnival Corporation accounts for half of the global market. Its size means that it can (like Norwegian Cruise Line) offer flexible dining options, and its shore trips are known for their good organization. Princess's'standard' classification means that it can be a moderately priced option, although choosing a suite will bump up the price as will all the extras which passengers as on most large ships are charged for.

To be fair though, the line does make an effort to provide the attention to detail of a good quality hotel, such as fresh fruit and a turned down bed with a chocolate on the pillow in the evening. Other high points include, as mentioned above, the excursions (every night a list of the next day's activities, the 'Princess Platter' is delivered to cabins) and facilities such as the Asian themed spas and well stocked libraries. Other special features in the Princess fleet include a 300 sq ft outdoor cinema screen, golf simulators and art galleries. For anyone who can afford it, there are onboard fine art auctions of works by internationally known artists. You bid, you buy, and Princess packages and sends your purchase to your home for you. Even if you can't afford it, you can look and learn: there are art experts on hand to answer questions about the ship collection. The food, once noted for its quality, is considered by some to be more pedestrian nowadays, although some routes do offer treats such as fresh caught Alaska salmon (Alaska cruises, obviously).

Destinations on Princess cruises include Norway's Svalbard Islands in the Arctic north, and, at the opposite side of the world, Cape Horn in Tierra del Fuego. The cruises also cross the Indian Ocean and the North China Sea, and visit Africa and the Mediterranean. Princess also runs 'Love Boat' cruises around Baja California and Mexico, although it's worth pointing out that no ship actually has that many tables for two. For more information about Princess Cruises, based in the USA, try the website at