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Flowing from the Alps to the North Sea, the Rhine is one of Europe's major rivers. Vineyards line its banks and castles tower over the waters of this romantic valley. Rhine cruises offer a serene and picturesque journey through some of the most beautiful landscape in Europe.

Many people who choose to take a Rhine cruise do so to see the castles for which the Rhine is famous. One stretch of river in Germany has a higher concentration of castles than anywhere else in the world. Some of the castles are ruins, but some have survived the ravages of years of war, fire and neglect. Built by feudal lords to protect their land, the romantic image these castles present today is a far cry from their original intent. They are however, still as beautiful to look at.

A cruise is of course only one way of seeing the sites, and is certainly the slowest, but it is also the most leisurely. If you don't want the hassle of changing transport and dragging suitcases in and out of trains or cars, this is the best way to see the river scenery. If you book a Rhine tour, be prepared for its slow pace. You will spend more time on deck than on land and will cover in weeks what you could cover on land in days.

Most cruises start at the northern end of the Rhine and run south. A full length Rhine cruise would take roughly 2 weeks and run from Amsterdam to Vienna or Budapest. The shortest cruises are five days in length and run from Düsseldorf to Basel. Due to the width and depth of the river, the boats are limited in size, typically carrying less than 200 passengers. The standard of the ships vary in price as do the facilities and entertainments on offer. Some of the more interesting and creative 'edu tainment' includes a strudel demo and talks by local glassblowers.

All cruises offer full board accommodation and some provide transport from the airport or train station to the cruise pick up point. It is also possible to book an all inclusive trip from your home town.