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There's one way to guarantee you won't get seasick on your cruise, and that's not to travel on the sea. River cruises can be a particularly memorable variant of the water based holiday historic routes, wonderful scenery which is rather more varied than you'll encounter on the open sea, more stops to stretch your legs, and calmer water. There are a multitude of options for river cruising.

It was May 1804 when two enterprising Americans Meriwether Lewis and William Clark waved goodbye to their homes and embarked on the expedition which would win them a permanent place in their country's affections. They had been enjoined by Thomas Jefferson to explore the still totally wild West and find a waterway through it. The American West Steamboat Company will help you retrace their footsteps (www.columbiarivercruise.comwww.columbiarivercruise.com) along the area's smaller rivers. Among the lines running tours along the region's artery, the Mississippi is RiverBarges (www.riverbarge.com). The company also navigates the Missouri and Ohio rivers.

Egypt has been the site of some security scares for tourists in recent years notably the very serious attack in Luxor in 1997. Since then the authorities have been making big efforts to improve visitor safety and, aside from an attack on Israeli holidaymakers in the Red Sea resort of Taba in 2004, security for tourists is now generally considered to be good. Not an insignificant factor if you are stuck in a boat on the Nile. And the Nile is well worth thinking about as a destination for river cruises. It's rich in history and natural beauty and many operators provide cruises down it.

Barges are a good way to travel down Europe's waterways and there are now many companies providing these trips. Peter Deilman Cruises (www.peter deilmann river cruises.co.ukwww.peter deilmann river cruises.co.uk) is one of them, sailing down the Danube and many other European rivers.

One of the ultimate river cruises, though, would have to be the Amazon. If you have never seen the rainforest before, it will be a revelation. Abercrombie and Kent's 96 passenger Andrea is one ship which undertakes voyages through the Amazon (www.abercrombiekent.comwww.abercrombiekent.com), providing expert lecturers on what's going on outside the boat.

The gorges of Australia's Kimberley Coast are in the back of the back of beyond, and all the more amazing for it. Traverse its gorges with tour operators including Oceanic Cruises (www.oceaniccruises.com.auwww.oceaniccruises.com.au) and Coral Princess (www.coralprincess.com.auwww.coralprincess.com.au).

Somerset Maugham's poignant novel The Painted Veil memorably captured the sultry ambience of the Yangzte. You can experience it too (minus the cholera) with a variety of operators. The Yangzte itself, however, is dramatically changing. The Sanxia Dam is scheduled to be finished in 2009, by which time it will have submerged hundreds of towns, thousands of villages and several cities, necessitating the relocation of more than a million people.