Romantic Cruise Trips going on a Romantic Cruise

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A friend of mine once had a dream that he was Kate Winslet standing at the prow of the Titanic in a wedding dress. Since he was not otherwise known for dreaming that he was an actress, I can only put it down to the deep romance attached to the idea of cruise trips. Sometimes, it has to be said, cruises do not live up to that noble ideal: there is nothing romantic about the over chlorinated swimming pools, bad service, dinner queues and poor entertainment which mar the image of some big ships like pimples on a youthful Di Caprio. But when it's right, there is nothing more lyrical, more heart stopping, than sailing through the open sea with someone you love. And that's only one of the many special kinds of cruise trips it's possible to take. Whether you're single, married, dating, travelling with friends, looking for adventure or looking for love (or a mixture of the above) there is a trip for you. Here are a few examples. Consult a specialist cruise agent for other ideas and, of course, browse this site.

The world within a world atmosphere of small cruise ships can be useful in some very specific ways. For example, small cruise liners are an excellent place to propose. If your beloved says no, you have time to work on him/her there is, after all, nowhere to go (apart from jumping in the ocean or absconding at a port of call, in which case you were probably never likely to meet with success). And if you haven't yet found the partner you want to take on a special cruise, why not use the cruise as a means to find them ( It's a bit more of a commitment than speed dating but the website promises the chance to meet other singles and have fun in a relaxed atmosphere. Well, why not indeed.

If you've read Philip Pullman's His Dark Materials you will know that there is something literally magical about the Northern Lights. The ethereal coloured lights of the aurora borealis called fox fires in Finnish after a legend about the fire starting capabilities of the Arctic fox are in fact caused by solar winds. These are streams of plasma ion particles which travel from the sun and glow when they hit the Earth's atmosphere at the two poles. Even without the foxes it still sounds pretty magical. Several cruise trips include the chance to see this phenomenon, including those run by Fjord Travel ( Bear in mind, however, that the weather will not perform to order, so if you're unlucky you may not get to experience anything except some clouds. Pick a cruise that will give you as much chance as possible to do what you would like.