Singles Cruises Going on a Singles Cruise


Whether you just need some time away for solitary reflection or you want to party with likeminded people; there are hundreds of singles cruises which provide a stimulating and enriching travel experience.

Finding the right mix is important, after all being single doesn't necessarily mean you want to start dating; you may just enjoy independent travel for personal or professional reasons. The good news is that there are singles cruises tailored to suit every taste and budget; whether you're looking for the adventures of a schooner in the high seas, candlelit romance on a cruise vacation or beach party atmosphere.

Most cruise lines provide a host of activities and facilities; ranging from gourmet restaurants and animated nightlife to a variety of ways to pamper yourself including fully kitted out gyms and spas. You'll also find plenty of water sports on offer, with opportunities to try your hand at anything form scuba diving to sea Kayaking.

Travelling alone isn't about constant games of solitaire. Making friends is much easier than you may think. Singles cruises are all about meeting new people and even the shyest passenger should have little difficulty coming out of their shell (cruise ship staff are great at making sure that everybody gets involved). In fact, many travel agents can arrange for you to share a cabin with a new roommate. However, if you want privacy travel agents specializing in singles cruises can usually arrange a single cabin without having to pay any surcharges.

Travelling alone is all about flexibility: you decide what you want to do and when you want to do it. You may choose to spend you days topping up your tan on deck or exploring the latest port of call. No matter what you do it's a good idea to keep a journal, so that you can share your memories with others when you get home.

As the singles holiday market continues to boom the list of singles cruises gets ever longer. Today you can choose to party your way around the Caribbean or opt for a cultural voyage around the Mediterranean ; which is why it's important to do your homework first. The Internet is a good starting point, but you'll also find a growing number of high street travel agents offering singles packages.