Special Cruises Cruise Theme for all Occasions

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Unnecessary as it may sound to some of us, the advantage of being intermittently confined to one (albeit large) space for a week or two extends beyond the excuse it provides to lounge around a pool by day and eat one's own body weight in buffet by night. Cruises afford a captive audience the kind of audience that lecturers love. And if they are sufficiently well fed and watered, that audience will be relaxed enough to enjoy their captivity and learn about all sorts of things before leaping off the boat to see them. There are many kinds of special cruises on offer in this blossoming age of seaborne adventures.

Swan Hellenic travelers 'Swans' are cruise goers with as much interest in history and culture as cocktails and cabaret. There are distinguished lecturers on board for each trip, classy entertainment and carefully organized excursions at each port of call, which are usually interestingly off the beaten track. The on board entertainment can be very good, too. The cruise routes change, but destinations have included the Eastern Mediterranean and Central America. There are many other cultural cruise providers, such as Voyages of Discovery.

On a more offbeat note, those interested in computers and, for bonus points, Star Trek, may well be interested in Geek Cruises. Geeks and their partners (if their interests haven't proved a handicap in that area) are wined, dined, taken to exotic places and, on the way, enlightened about pressing technological issues. And the tone of the website www.geekcruises.com which is professional but friendly and good humoured, gives you a sense that there is a face behind the company. As indeed there is, and it's the bearded visage of Neil Bauman, chess enthusiast and former magazine editor. Bauman, it seems, is best known in the computing world for 'Neil's law'. According to the Geek website this law: 'states that the potential loss of computer functionality is the only situation in which a discussion of "What If?" scenarios is permitted'. If you have any idea what that means, you should definitely be on the cruise.

There's a wealth of other possibilities out there expedition cruises to see the Northern Lights, steamboats down the Mississippi, barges in Burgundy. Try a specialist cruise agent to get an idea of the options.