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If you have had enough of changing hotels, organising sightseeing tours and transport then try a Thompson Cruise for something a little different. With a Thompson Cruise your 'floating hotel' will deliver you to all the major places of interest in that region without you having to organise a thing. And if that is not enough for a relaxing holiday, with their ships cruising the Mediterranean and Canary Islands, you could pretty much guarantee sunshine with a Thompson Cruise.

Thompson Cruises have a number of ships to choose from, each varying in capacity and style. The SS Emerald is based around the islands near Corfu and offers itineraries including Captain Corelli's Kefalonia, romantic Venice and historic Ephesus. The SS Celebration is known as the most luxurious ship with relaxed but elegant décor. The new SS Spirit is capable of carrying 1500 passengers but Thompson has limited it to 1254 in order to provide its guests with plenty of room to relax.

A Thompson Cruise is relatively cheap in cruise terms. People looking for British style entertainment, informal dining and value for money would appreciate what Thompson Cruises offer. In order to keep their costs lower than other companies, Thompson use ships that are older than other lines. Don't worry about safety though; all are refurbished before joining the fleet. All tips, taxes and transfer costs are already included in your bill so there are no nasty surprises when your cruise is finished. Your cruise will take you to a number of islands that would be logistically difficult to visit if you were staying on land. You are therefore getting a number of holidays in one. The company offer a number of deals which can make your cruise even cheaper. The further in advance you are able to book, the better deal you will get. Also, booking on line, booking as a couple or booking a cruise out of season will all save you money.

Whether you choose Mediterranean Renaissance Jewels of the Med, Adriatic Explorer or a Pearls of the Aegean tour, 'Island hopping' has never been so easy.