Wedding Cruises Going on a Wedding Cruise

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Getting ready to get hitched is always stressful to some degree. Wedding cruises take full advantage of this form of vacation to minimise the stress it's a chance to get away from it all with a group of your nearest and dearest while someone else does most of the hard work for you. Several of the big lines, such as Carnival, Princess and Holland America, have wedding packages with more or less everything things you'll need, including minister, cake, champagne, bouquet, band, reception and wedding album.

The down side is, of course, the cost at up to $2,500 for a package wedding cruises can work out as an expensive way to celebrate your big day. On the other hand cruise lines will often try to help you to tailor your package to best suit your budget and requirements for example, if you want to bring your own minister or rabbi and unlike many hotels, there will be no problem with finding rooms for your guests. Just remember the golden rule of wedding planning to think about it all well ahead of time.

A less costly option could be a honeymoon at sea in fact, cruises are very well suited to newlyweds exhausted by all the organisation and emotion, who just want to spend time together. And, for those whose wedding is a fond but receding memory, there are anniversary cruises such as those run by PO for people celebrating 10 to 60 years together (you definitely deserve a cruise for a Diamond wedding). Renewal of wedding vows is also an increasingly popular cruise option again, most of the larger lines cater to this.

The vast majority of wedding cruises actually undertake the ceremony in port. Some ships, such as those in the Costa, Carnival and Princess fleets have on board chapels, and it's true that the captain can marry you at sea. But it's a lot harder to marry at sea than you might think because of all the red tape associated with it. Not many lines offer this service, not least because the captain could be sued if it turns out the marriage is not valid (due to age, previous marriages, etc.). Many captains will, however, conduct renewal of vows ceremonies which, as a sunset testament to enduring love, are probably just as moving as the wedding day itself.